Wow, This is an amazing jumping game. It is just awesome. You will like it I am pretty sure. All you have to do is control all the characters via hovering mouse left or right side. You don’t need to use much buttons though. You can simply play this game by pressing only left arrow and right arrow(not supported now).

I’ve seen many motu patlu games but this is something different and very easy to play as well. It’s small but advanced game like ninja jump etc.

When I am busy in class and students ask me to play game then I seriously reply them to play motu patlu games either than playing pokemon.

You have to save all the players in this game. you need to make them up and always remember that don’t let down anyone, other wise you will get minus points. After playing it for few hours you will be accustomed with it and you will never have any problem with it.

Instructions for Bounce ▶ Play Motu Patlu Games:

  • Move the board and help motu and patlu to complete the jungle.
  • Make sure they don’t fall or don’t lose life.

Have fun and comment down your highest scores.

My experience about this game

I played this game too but I scored only 1000. I hope you can score more than. So best of luck for your game. I am expecting huge scores from you. Post it in comments.

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