Bowling Champ

Motu aur patlu games are my best choice when it comes to flash games. Because they are superb and they are made from a sitcom called motu patlu. There are 2 characters both are too funny. That’s why too many kids like these games. Everything in this game is like other cricket game, it’s not much graphical because they want to give you fast game not lagging one or one that requires too many specifications in   your pc. Same is with this bowling champ games. It’s so superb game that you will probably enjoy playing it.

Bowling champ is an amazing game from nick India. It’s a bowling game and you’ve to bowl in this game using your mouse and keyword. It’s almost same as nick cricket academy game. Most of motu aur patlu games player are very interested to play cricket games so here is a great one. I hope you will like it.

Read following instructions before playing the game:

Basically you need to help  Motu Patlu become the ultimate bowling champ by taking all the wickets now.


Instructions for Bowling Champ  Motu Aur Patlu Games

1. Use mouse button to choose bowling type.

2. Horizontal spin slider: Stop at a  point by clicking left mouse button to select the amount of spin.

3. More lives you save, more bonus you will get.

4.  Score as many points as you can in 10 balls.


After playing couple of hours , I found this game very interesting. It’s neat and easy to play. The feel when you bowl and batsman is a newbie, that’s awesome moment. I enjoyed many parts of this game. First of all I liked the pitch of the game, then I liked the bowlers hands then batsman. I’d probably  hate the batsman because I am a bowler and I need to out him anyhow. I played many times but didn’t work, I couldn’t out anyone there. Then later I tried with different method and I succeeded easily. If same happens with you then please do lot of exercises to win the whole game.



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