Chicken Game

Lol this game is so funny. The tagline of this game reminds me of one old chatterbot joke.
The tagline of this game is: “why did the chicken cross the road?” lol people start thinking too much on this but actually it’s not like that. Chicken cross the road to get other side. Well that’s just tagline.  This game seems very good because it’s well graphics.

There are 4 road lanes in this game and there’s a lot of traffic. Mostly cars. You should cross your chicken carefully otherwise your chicken will be killed by your own vehicle or someone else’s vehicle.

Instructions: motu patlu games free download 

Before describing this game, let’s check out the instructions first.

  • Guide the chicken across the roads and rivers with your arrow keys to get all the worms.
  • The more levels you reach the more worms you will need to find in order to get to the next level.

This is pretty good game if I see as my point of view. It’s easy to play as other motu patlu games because it’s a flash game. All the flash games are easy to play( I’m talking about motu patlu flash games). In this game you have to ride the car and find the chicken on the road.

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