Flying Motu

Flying motu is another Moto And Patlu Games for PC. It is a flash-based game and it’s very easy to play. Everyone can play it so easily because you don’t need to be a gamer to play this game. It’s very interesting game for all, even elders can play this game and enjoy this game. Though kids like this game very much. Because it’s animated very amazingly and looks very attractive when you play it. You feel the real power of motu while playing this game. Motu’s role is to fly in this game and he flies in this game. You have to control him by giving him proper direction. I’ve collected few instructions for this game.

Instructions for flying motu game:

  • You are motu in the game. Which is a little character. You have to move your mouse and click the screen to levitate or else motu will descend.If motu hits bottom or top boundaries, He will die and game will be finished there.

My experience : Motu And Patlu Games

Well, I am not good in gaming but I’ve scored well in this game. It’s pretty hard game to play hahaha. It’s like the android lollipop’s default lollipop jumping game. It’s even hard to get 1 score because we need to be accustomed with its controlling system so that we can play it easily. Control practice is more important in this game. more practice you will do, more you will be able to score among all the motu patlu games players. I know there are many other motu patlu lovers who like to play these flash games and they update their score after playing the game. So I am really excited to know your score. I will share my score only after knowing yours 😀

Please share your highest score in comments. 🙂



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