Hungry Motu

Play Motu Patlu: Hungry Motu to help Motu jump and catch his food. There’s good food and bad food, make sure Motu eats right.

yumm!! it’s awesome game. you are standing on a Iceland(motu) and there few fruits or something foody items are floating around the motu and motu is trying to catch them in order to get rid of hunger because at this moment he can’t get samosas. Remember he is on Iceland. I hope he will find something soon.

This game is fantastic and very enjoyable. Generally motu is another name of hunger and he always likes to eat the food or samosa so here is the game where he has to eat all the types of foods. You have to guide him that how can he eat all the fruits or other foods.

You need to control it via mouse. Move mouse and control the motu.

Instructions:motu patlu bike racing games

Using the mouse, click on motu to make him jump up and grab the food he likes, The longer you hold down your mouse the higher motu will jump! you can also move him left and right while holding down the mouse. You got 120 seconds to play this game.

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