King of the field

Today whenever I ask my friend about his day, he always says about motu and patlu games. I was curious to know then I thought I’ll do it by posting games online and help other people to play this game as well.
Motu and patlu games are REALLY fresh games and they are very interesting. They are flash games, as you can see they take time to load because they are flash games.

It’s a flash game like other motu patlu games on this site. King of the field is all about fielding. This is an amazing game. It’s same as few other motu patlu bowling games. You have to throw the ball to your friends and they will send it back and you have to catch it. It’s very easy game to play . You need to control it via mouse. You can score very big in this game if you play properly.

Help Motu become the king of the field by throwing the ball at the correct fielder.
Following instructions are useful while playing the game:

King of the field ▶ Motu And Patlu Games:

  • Throw the ball toward a fielder which has blinking target.
  • Hit the center of bull eye to get 10 points
  • If you hit white circle then you will get extra 3 points and if you miss both of circles then you will get only 1 point.

Conclusion of King of the field

This is a great game overall. I would give it 7/10. It’s really amazing game but I didn’t like few things in this game like low time and little bit poor graphics, but that’s ignorable. You can enjoy this game without worrying about RAM or Storage issue. It’s completely Internet-based flash game and you just need an internet connection for this.Tbh Motu and patlu games are really interesting if you play them in your free time. Have fun playing this Motu Patlu game.

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