Motu VS Patlu

Pick a side and join in this fun duel between Jousting buddies, Motu and Patlu in Motu Patlu: Motu VS Patlu
Sorry lads, I’m currently unable to provide motu patlu car racing games but I will upload them soon. So keep in touch and play other games like this game. You should enjoy all the motu patlu games. If you have any problem then please email me or comment on any post. I will try my best to solve that.

Well, this is the only game where you can choose any character. Either you select moto as player or you can select patlu as player. Both are same though. You can enjoy this game by playing one side of any character. I’ve collected instructions of this game. I hope you will follow the instructions then you will get it very easily.

Before writing the instructions I want to show you few popular motu patlu games links where you can play all the motu patlu games.


Okay so now you need to know the instructions of this game. They are following:

  • Hold down the space bar to launch the lads into combat
  • Release the space bar to have a whack
  • AIM for the sweet spot.
  • Be careful not to swing too early or too late.

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