Multiplier Game

Play the Motu Patlu Multiplier Game and help them reach 2048
So here is another best motu patlu games. I hope you were waiting for it or something new game like that. But finllay it has arrived and you will be able to play it without even paying a penny. It’s awesome game and you will love it when you see it first time or you will see the intro of this game. Once you’ve started playing game, you will never be bored. You will be addicted to this game because this game is like DOTA to me. Seriously it’s very very addicting game. It’s simple, it’s fast and graphics is also very good. All of all over main characters are there in this game. Yeah I am talking about motu patu. They are player there and you’ve to help them by playing multiplier game.


Instructions: motu patlu download 

Use your arrow key to move the tiles.When 2 tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.
Good Luck!
Beware of motu patlu download 

My experience in this game:

I tried to play this game but failed. It seems little bit hard or maybe it’s easy but I don’t play puzzle games so I am not accustomed with them but you can do that and I am pretty sure that you will score very much. I’d like to see your scores in comment box.

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