Wicket Keeping Champ

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This is the Wicket Keeping champ game. It’s categorized in  motu or patlu games. It’s a flash game and can be played on any computer or windows operating system with having adobe flash installed.

Motu Patlu games online

This is a fantastic online cricket game by nick india. It’s too easy to play and instructions are there as well. You need to click on play then game will start. You’ve to catch the ball as wicket keeper that is why this game is named “Wicket Keeping Champ”.

This game is one of most exciting game in all the  motu or patlu games.

About the game

You need to start playing this game. Then it can tell that what’s it about. This is a wicket keeping cricket game, where motu is doing balling and patlu is doing batting which seems very interesting .You are the wicket keeper in this game. I will show you 2 hands and you’ve to catch the ball with it. If you missed more than 3 balls then game will be finished.

Catching the ball is pretty easy in this game. By that way you can score as much as you can. Thanks to big size of cricket hand gloves. You will barely miss any ball there, Since catching is so easy. They could’ve made this little bit harder but I understand that most of motu patlu games fans are teenagers or kids. They need simplicity in all the games as well as motu patlu episodes.

There’s one limit of missing balls. Once you’ve done that, your game will be over and you will see a scoreboard with big yellowish Play again button.

I  hope you will love this game and also play another motu patlu games online and see if you can beat your competitor(your friend or family member). I’ll be so happy if you comment down your score and  suggestion about this game.


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